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Nagmah is a rock metal band formed in July 2003. Since its beginning it has carried an original Spanish proposal of metal rock with nuances of heavy and power metal among others. Up to the present the band has not been categorized in a specific music genre and its music is seen differently around the world. The band was formed by Jose P. Calvo and Jose Soto and many musicians have been part of it. Our band has kept the same basis since 2005 (Mónica Villanueva – voice and keyboard, Jose Soto – guitar, Jose P. Calvo – bass, Roy Ross - drummer)

Current Discography

In 2009, Nagmah released it's first LP: "Diva Mortis". It includes 9 songs that combines and power in their sound mixed with female vocals. The lyrics ad-dress the depths of the human feelings and as far as the style of music is concerned, Nagmah has been labeled as heavy, power, gothic, progressive or even atmospheric metal which can be better summarized as a melodic heavy rock/metal sound. The same year "El Maleficio del Lindero" was selected to be included in the "Another Story from Heaven" compilation, by HeavyLaw. In 2013, "Pacto" was included in the "Independent No1s Vol 2" compilation by WOA International.

Almost there

We are currently working in our second album along with a couple of promotional videos. 2015 seems is gonna be busy and we'are planning a tour to India, Dubai and Europe, along with other Latin American countries. We're also planning a contest for which all our fans can participate: STAY TUNED!!

Get to knowThe BandNagmah

Monica Villanueva

Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar

Monica Villanueva Bachelor from the National University of Costa Rica in the area of Music, has worked for several years as a vocal and guitar independently, and currently is responsible for a music workshop for people with special needs . It is also dedicated to singing professionally, performing various styles ranging from classical to rock-opera.

Jose Soto

Lead Guitar

Jose Soto Started as a musician over 20 years ago, taking my first steps on keyboards, and later dedicating myself to the guitar more formally. As lead guitar in Nagmah, I just simply love the stage and make music!

Jose Pablo Calvo

Bass Guitar

Jose Pablo Calvo

Roy Ross


Roy Ross Studied drums at Bansbach Music Academy I have 13+ years as drummer with 9 of those years as part of Nagmah and counting. Had a side band named Encriptica releasing a demo in 2010 called "Janus". After Encriptica disbanded, I've dedicated more time to my side solo project creating funny noises with my synths and experimenting at percussion to hopefully take you into a journey!
"To have Nagmah, Costa Rica’s fastest rising rock metal act, has our entire team excited to introduce this talented band that blurs the genre between rock and metal, to fans in India, Dubai and the world"
Oliver Sean, Founder of W.O.A International

ContestName a SongNagmah

We are proud to present you the first single from our new album (to be released soon), the song is called…. WAIT A SEC… we dont have a name for it, can you help us?

You can hear the song here in page, or you can go to as well, there you can hear it or download it if you want, also the lyrics.

For the contest guidlines, you can access

And, the most important part, you can vote here:

(Para el reglamento del concurso, pueden ingresar a version en español)

Thanks a lot for taking your time to participate!!

Song Lyrics

Pasa el tiempo y no te puedo olvidar
Me atrapa tu recuerdo
Corro y me oculto en el tiempo
Y no tengo a donde escapar

Siempre que logras llegar hasta mí
Temo no poder regresar
Al consumirme en tu mágico mirar
Me pierdo en un éxtasis total

Te llevas mi corazón
Y lo pierdes en un abismo
Al caer se desvanece…
En un mundo de dolor y desamor…

Tengo miedo de quererte
Y de aferrarme a tu existir
Porque después no quiero vagar
Entre la niebla de la soledad

Pero te llevo tan cerca de mí
Que puedo respirar tu llama…
Te llevas mi corazón…

Te llevas mi corazón
Y lo pierdes en un abismo
Al caer se desvanece…
En un mundo de dolor y desamor…

Lyrics and Music: Mónica Villanueva

"10 years rocking the world!!"

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